Lotus Root with Sticky Rice

A vegan dessert that’s easy to cook.

Lotus Root with Sticky Rice

Phong Luong


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Fresh Lotus Root
Sticky Rice
Honey (or any flavors of syrup)

Artist / Recipe Background

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Soak the raw sticky rice in water overnight, or at least four hours to soften it. Drain the water from the sticky rice and add sugar in it. Get a whole piece of lotus root (not the ones cut into slices) Try picking the lotus root with more holes so that more sticky rice can fit in.

Cooking Steps

Wash and peel the lotus root. Cut out the top section of the lotus root to reveal the holes (about 1 or 2 inches) and keep the top section for later. Pour the sticky rice into the holes. Seal the lotus root back to its original form: Put back the top section that’s cut out in step two and pin it to the rest of the lotus root with toothpicks to ensure the sticky rice won’t fall out while cooking. Prepare the steamer. Put in the lotus root and steam for 45 minutes (roughly) until the lotus root appears pink and gets soft. Pick out the lotus root and let it cool down while preparing the dipping sauce. Make a dipping sauce with ingredients of your choice. You can just use honey or mix it up with other fruit jam or actual fruits to enrich the flavor. Slice the lotus root and pour the sauce over it and it’s done!



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