Coat of Arms

We are the cowboys of creative. Coat of Arms defines films and brands through the art of visual media.

A coat of arms is a heraldic design on a shield, armor, or clothing. The concept of wearing a coat of arms originates from the Middle Ages when armor emblazoned with symbols identified allies from enemies. Historians and museums view coat of arms as the precursor to corporate logos, used for group identity. Our creative studio, founded in 2010 by Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque, specializes in original filmmaking services. We love the people we work with. We think you will too.

What We Do

Creative Direction

The devil is in the details. Coat of Arms artistically and carefully unifies story with stunning visuals.

Art & Design Direction
Concept Development & Research
Project Management

Film & Motion

Good ideas take shape as we mold and polish content into something fun and memorable.

Editorial & Finishing
Animation & Motion Design
Visual Effects, VR & 360
Color Correction
Scoring , Sound Design & Mix

Design & Illustration

To inspire amid all the noise, we wield our design and illustration skills elegantly and innovatively.

2D & 3D Design
Logo & Brand Design
Print & Display Design
Ad & Banner Design
Character Illustration


‘You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some with you.’ -Joubert. Don’t worry, we got you.



Helvetia, Rediscovered WV LIVING
“6 Seconds: In My Own Words” Branded Documentary Honoree THE WEBBY AWARDS 2020
“I’m Still Kenny” Winner in Animation (Immersive and Mixed Reality) THE WEBBY AWARDS 2020
“Born in a Ballroom” Trailer Nominee in Trailer THE WEBBY AWARDS 2020
“Reaction Time, “People’s Choice Winner in 360 Video: Branded THE WEBBY AWARDS 2020
Born in a Ballroom INTER-MOUNTAIN
“The film is a love letter from me to Helvetia” – Clara Lehmann on Born in a Ballroom and her Mütter THE HUB WEST VIRGINIA
Santa Barbara International Film Festival: Born in a Ballroom SBIFF.ORG
The Hütte: A Melting Pot of Swiss, Appalachian Culture US NEWS
Title design competition nomination for “Phenoms” SXSW
Coat of Arms nominated for a Webby Award (Category: Art Direction) 2019. METRO NEWS
Coat of Arms & WebMD Director, Courtney Dixon are nominated for a Tribeca X Award. TRIBECA FILM
Fox Sports Films premieres documentary, Phenoms at Tribeca Film Festival – Design & Animation by Coat of Arms. TRIBECA FILM
Coat of Arms helps jury SXSW 2018 Excellence in Title Design Competition.
Coat of Arms owners discuss documentary filmmaking. THE DOCUMENTARY LIFE
SXSW 2017 Finalists for “Excellence in Title Design” Award.
Coat of Arms wins a Gold & Silver Cannes Lion 2017. MARRIOTT
SXSW title design competition nomination for “Forced Perspective” ART OF THE TITLE


Born in a Ballroom Blu-Ray
Born in a Ballroom Blu-Ray
Coat of Arms Playing Cards
Coat of Arms Playing Cards
Coat of Arms Pocket Notebooks
Coat of Arms Pocket Notebooks
A Waltz with Words - A Book of Poetry
A Waltz with Words A Book of Poetry


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